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How We Hear

  • Our sense of hearing is an amazing and complex system. On its most basic level, it works by the ears picking up sounds, translating them


  • We answer some of the most common questions that we've received from our clients over the years.


  • No single style of hearing aid is right for all types of hearing loss. That's why Hearing Aid Systems offers many different

Hearing Aid Systems Inc

We offer an array of products to assist deaf and hard of hearing people cope with everyday activities.

We have listening devices that:

  • Help you hear the TV clearly and comfortably without disturbing others
  • Alarm clocks that cause a lamp to flash or vibrate the bed, or both, are a popular item.
  • Numerous types of safety products are available including smoke alarms that have a powerful strobe light in addition to an audible alarm
  • Door knock and telephone signalers, strobe signalers and baby monitors.

There are many products available that will provide comfort and peace of mind for you and your loved one's safety. Please call or come by our office to discuss your specific needs for your home or for travel